North Carolina Mountain Hiking and Waterfalls
Western North Carolina Mountains - Adventures and Beauty
The mountains of western North Carolina are abundant with raw, natural beauty and exciting adventure. If you are looking for something to do, ideas for a family vacation or just a simple get away, this should be your destination. You will not be disappointed.
A Growing Directory of Hiking Trails and Waterfalls
This website is intended to provide you with information about all the variety of hiking opportunities awaiting you and to view samples of the spectacular waterfalls located throughout the mountains of western North Carolina. We are constantly updating the website with new trails and new waterfalls. Visit us often for new updates and send us your comments and suggestions.
Hiking Trails of Varying Difficulty, Dynamic Waterfalls
We feature a variety of trails and paths to hike from really easy to ones that you need to be in very good physical condition to conquer. You will find falls that are easy to access, to ones that you must have specific directions. Otherwise, you would never know they existed. There are trails and waterfalls in North Carolina state parks and national parks with paved parking and well maintained restrooms and other facilities to trails that barely have a marker beside the road. All are loaded with adventure.
View Photos, Watch Videos - The Beauty Speaks For Itself
You won't find a lot of written content on this website. We loaded it with photographs and videos. The mountains and waterfalls are so beautiful we think the mountain pictures and videos speak for themselves. Click on any photo throughout the website to see a larger version.
Visit Often - These are Natural Treasures, Enjoy!
Visit the mountains of western North Carolina any time of year. Each season provides breathtaking scenery that the other seasons do not. This is a wonderful place for everyone, young and old. Great fun for a family, a romantic escape for a couple or peaceful solitude to find yourself again. Experience great exercise for the body and soothing inspiration for the soul!